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I have spoken about resilience before in this column and even though it can be a trite topic to talk about, it speaks a lot to me. I have been […]

From the looks of it, 2021 is not very different from 2020. There are still face masks, COVID-19 cases and other types of chaos such as state-wide power outages. However, […]

12.17 Funsies

Times are changing and with COVID-19, adapting is a word that has resonated to me and other people in my opinion. People have had to adapt to the “new normal” […]

10.13 Taboo

Recuerdo la primera vez que me hicieron un comentario sobre mi cuerpo. Tenía entre seis o siete años, y a esa edad usualmente es considerado “adorable” ser una niña gordita. […]

“The pandemic has taught me how to be patient,” a lady I interviewed a few weeks ago told me. I thought to myself, that is one way to look at […]

Recuerdo la primera vez que me sentí con poder de mi cuerpo. Estaba en la prepa y en ese entonces prestaba mucha atención a lo que usaba y era una […]

08.06 Funsies, Love

Every year, people make New Year’s resolutions and try to accomplish them. Almost everyone by the end feel as if nothing was accomplished, but that’s not true. Over this past […]

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