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I began to read the past “International Women’s Day” posts I had previously written in the last three years and they are almost all the same. I described how weak I felt at times, how being a woman seems like a curse sometimes and clearly I could tell my mood was not at its best when I wrote it but I pulled through.

This morning felt kind of the same way. My mood was not the greatest and looking at the mirror the first thing I noticed were my flaws. Being a woman is filled with internalized insecurities, expectations, gender gaps and more. BUT, there is almost always a but because with all the good comes the bad. I do not want to sound pessimistic not at all, being a woman is great but with greatness comes hard work, tears and sacrifices. You have to learn to not care what people think of you, learn how to work harder for what you want because women have to prove they are worth it, learn how to get up when you fall without a helping hand and learn to embrace your flaws and celebrate your features.

W o m a n, what a complicated word. Yesterday I talked to a friend about the day I would become a mother and I worried. What if I have a daughter I have nothing in common with? What if she is not a girly girl and she is shy and quiet unlike me? I have to love her anyways I thought, and then I remembered about the women around me who are so different from what I am. They are smart, intelligent and we definitely have at least one thing in common. It does not matter whether she likes pink or not, if she gets manicures or not, whether her main purpose in life is being a housewife and yours is not, someway or another we all have had at least one experience that can help us bond.

I feel like lately, women have been courageous enough to speak against all the things that happen to us on a daily basis that scare us. Being cat called, not offered an opportunity because we eventually will get pregnant, not being raised the same way as men, speaking against sexual abusers, all of that takes guts. It can be exhausting to fight a fight you never know if it one day will end, but it is worth the wait. So with that being said I would like to remind all the women reading me today I celebrate you. Disregarding our differences, background and way of thinking, if you are a woman I want you to know I understand you. I know what it is like. Let’s take a deep breath and say “I am a fucking woman and I deserve more than a day” today and every day.




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