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The beginning of the holidays reminds us a new year is coming up.

Usually, a New Year means New Year resolutions and fresh starts but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Yes, a new month and a new year are exciting promises to let go of bad habits and begin new and better ones but there is no need to wait to make a change in our lives.

For many of us knowing that a new opportunity to begin change is coming up is the perfect excuse to procrastinate. This means we get to wait to make a difference in our lives. Similar to when you are trying to maintain a healthy diet or lifestyle and the day you cheat and go off track the typical phrase to say is “I’ll just start on Monday”.

But then Monday comes and you do not start. You wait and say “I’ll do it next week” suddenly a month has gone by and nothing changed. Things are the same, stagnant but a new year is your ultimate opportunity for all of that to change unexpectedly.

New Year resolutions are tricky and sometimes not very realistic. You cannot expect a new month and a new date to suddenly change all the bad habits you have been carrying around for years.

The best thing to do is to try to accomplish small goals little by little every day. This means one small change you make today could be the big change you were waiting to happen tomorrow.

There is no need to wait for Mondays or for new months. Every day is another opportunity to make a difference in our lives but we are too afraid to start.

You don’t have to join the gym in January or start spring cleaning your house until Spring, make the change today and start off fresh as soon as you wake up every morning.

Small goals allow us to reach our bigger ones easier. Slowly but surely you can get to where you want it to be if you start putting in the work today. 




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