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“The pandemic has taught me how to be patient,” a lady I interviewed a few weeks ago told me. I thought to myself, that is one way to look at it. She explained she was learning to wait when to visit her mother again, when to see her family, she was learning to be patient. It was impressive to me to hear her talk about such a positive trait, especially because she had just experienced a loss in her life. She was looking for the silver lining in what could be a really dark time but hearing her say she found a lesson during this time, was inspirational.

This reminded me of a challenge which became viral around mothers and young children. Mothers or fathers placed candy or chocolate in front of their toddlers and told them to wait to eat the candy until they came back. The parents placed a camera to record whether their children actually waited or not. Most did not, some did but the most memorable recording is Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi Webster. In the recording, Jenner’s daughter is seen patiently swaying on her couch as she watches Trolls and the minute she feels like grabbing one she says “patience, patience, patience,”. For a two-year-old to know what the word patience means and how to use it serves as a lesson itself for adults like me who sometimes do not know how to wait.

Patience is key for many things in life. Especially now, when a middle of a pandemic might have us wanting to rush into things. Talking to that particular woman who told me she had learned to be patient made me think about my own life. It takes time to get to where you want to be in life, whether it is professionally, romantically or to better yourself. Good things take time and nothing worth having happens in a day or two. Humans have a tough time understanding practice is needed to better a skill, get the job you have worked for or find the perfect partner in crime. I know I have had a tough time learning to be patient but with time I have come to understand the benefits of one word. Patience allows us to appreciate the moments as they come, with the people we love and in the end the moments are more cherishable.

Maybe right now you are struggling to understand why it takes so long to lose the weight you have gained, (I know I am), or why you have had to postpone your Eurotrip or your wedding. But, instead of rushing and doing things now, the wait could surprise you with something much better along the way. Sometimes we want instant gratification, we want packages delivered as soon as possible and want our food right away. But, have you ever compared fast food to a well home cooked meal? Are the hours it takes you to drive for a road trip worth the wait in the end?

Patience, patience, patience, all the way as Stormi Webster said.




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