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Heartbreak can be painful, it has the word break in it doesn’t it? Yet, it has allowed humans to become stronger. Most of those who have experienced pain, are not afraid of getting hurt again because they already know how it feels. The smarter ones, know how to avoid that pain and not get hurt at all.

Resilience is that quality that many people lack but can get very easily if they just put in the effort. But what exactly is resilience? Well, it means that every time someone says mean things, tells you that you are not smart enough, good enough, thin enough to do something you laugh it off and prove them wrong. It means bouncing back from failure, and succeeding ten times harder just because failing made you mad.

Sometimes mean comments and failing can be used as fuel, it sparks a fire in you that makes you want to do better. The only way to prove people wrong is with actions, and with resilience you feel powerful enough to accomplish anything you want to, you just have to believe in yourself.

Being resilient is hard, it will not happen from one day to another but it is possible. Everything is in this world, as corny as it sounds if you just believe. Humans have been taught not to express emotions, specially women. If we are too loud, we are annoying. If we are too blunt, we are called bitchy and if we cry in front of others we are weak and dramatic, often times “crazy”. But being vulnerable helps you in becoming resilient.

The Disney movie “Inside Out” is a perfect example of the importance of feelings. We have to experience sadness to be able to feel happy again. If we were happy all the time we would take the feeling for granted, we would not get excited when someone surprises us with flowers and chocolates when we are crying, it would just not be the same.

You have to feel mad, sad, stressed and it is okay to yell, cry and scream but never at others.

Let it all out in your own time, find healthy outlets to channel those emotions like jogging, journaling, doing yoga and also allow yourself to wallow when needed.

Eat junk food, sleep in and watch movies all day and then when Monday comes, be ready to kick butt.

Life is way too short to be dwelling on the past, to be crying about the same issue and be dealing with the same problems for years. You are the director of the movie called life and you get to decide who gets to stay and who was just needed for a specific scene.

People, situations and even work environments can be awfully toxic but in order to get rid of them you have to make sure you know they are unhealthy. Analyze the issue, make a pros and cons list and remind yourself daily that you owe no one anything but yourself. Your happiness and well-being comes above everything else, and with that mindset and a good support system as well as a positive attitude, resilience will come naturally.

Failing is scary, being rejected is scarier and getting hurt is terrifying but if you don’t try you will never know whether you could’ve succeeded.

Fear only sets us back from living, start living your life right now before it ends tomorrow.

Resilience will be there for you, in case it all fails. Trust the timing and trust the process, and allow yourself to fall, resilience will have your back.




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