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Do what makes you happy, whatever that might be

Happiness is a word that many do not know how to describe, and find it hard to grasp. Many of us look for this state of mind in other people or we start to believe that a single person represents all that is good in our lives.

It’s weird how we think of happiness as something so difficult and hard to obtain when in reality it is so easy. Two of the things that become obstacles when finding that state of bliss is over thinking and over analyzing, and becoming a needy human being.

When we over think and over analyze every situation in our lives we tend to create imaginary scenarios and without realizing it we put our minds in a predetermined to get disappointed, to be in negative state and expecting something that has yet to occur.

It is cliché and the typical self-motivational message that we hear constantly but loving yourself and being happy with you is the way to happiness, to one that will continue even if people come and go out of your life.

We forget that personal success can also bring us satisfaction, taking time of our day to take a walk and disconnect from the outside world can lift your mood up, listening to a song you like on repeat while you drive, it sounds silly and dumb but it works.

Learning to be content with your own company will show you how you don’t need anyone else to be happy. Someone else might come and make you happier, but they won’t be the one’s in charge of that if you are in control.

Being selfish is never a bad thing, focusing on your personal goals and personal success and ultimate happiness is valid and important.

If you are in control, then everything else can be as chaotic as they like because you are in charge, you are the boss.

Trick yourself into a good mood today and everyday, it is not as hard as it sounds.

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