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There are days like today where I feel weak. Not every single day in our lives is a good one, not every second or every hour but we can always make the best of it, yet it’s hard. To many and those who do not know me well, I’m always in a good mood. I have a smile in my face and have been told to brighten people’s days but to be quite honest it’s often a front.

Not trying to say I’m not a happy person but there are days where I struggle to find the good in the bad but I always make an effort to change my mood and snap out of it. Both for my own good and well-being. I once read that if you fake smile, you can trick your body into making it feel as if you are happy and that’s exactly what I do. I put all feelings beside and trick myself into having a good day, instead of dwelling in my sorrow I fight back. Put some gangsta music and trick myself into feeling like a bad bitch basically.

I think all humans experience this on a daily basis, but coming from a woman perspective I can say that us, the female gender have it harder at times. We are often told “hey you should try smiling more often?” but what if I don’t fucking feel like it? We are expected to be put together at all times, outfit, life and feelings when in reality you have a shit ton going on. Being a woman is hard and often I have felt, that maybe if I was a guy things would be easier. Maybe if I was a guy, I wouldn’t have my heart-broken as often. Maybe, if I was a guy I wouldn’t have to choose my wardrobe as carefully wondering if I’ll be attacked or judged because of it, and maybe I would be taken seriously just for once.

I always find reasons to want to be a man instead of a woman, and that is where I’m wrong. Being a woman is actually one of the best things that could have ever happened to me and to the rest of us who happen to be females.

Because I am female, I’ve learned how to accept my vulnerability and appreciate it. I’ve learned to feel empathy towards others and more importantly how to help other women in need. Even if I don’t like them or have felt threatened by them, I now know that it is always to give a helping hand and an ear to listen to any girl who desperately needs it. I learned that friendship is one of the most valuable and necessary relationships for a girl to have, and I have learned to maintain them and give them the importance they need.

Because I am female, I am able to give a voice to those who wish not to speak, a helping hand to those who might need an extra one and an opportunity to change minds and points of view with words of empowerment that come from the heart.

Sometimes I feel sad, but if there is one thing I learned from the movie Inside Out is that you need to feel sad in order to feel happy. You need to experience pain in order to appreciate comfort, without one the other would not exist and without women this world would not be as cool as it is today.

Women are that. Both the sexy confident women and the CEO, and at the same time one who at times breaks down. It’s okay to fall but remember, because we are women we always get back up, ready for more.

I dedicate this to all the women in the world, the ones who try to make a difference and those who are simply just trying to make it. Even if you feel broken today, know that you have the power to put the pieces back together little by little. Women are a work in progress, make the finished project a powerful one.

Happy International Women’s Day, may you feel proud to be one every single day.











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