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I have spoken about resilience before in this column and even though it can be a trite topic to talk about, it speaks a lot to me. I have been thinking about the importance of not giving up because it is something too many of us forget. “Throwing the towel” is what makes a difference between achieving a goal and not achieving it. I have wanted to give up many times in my life. A perfect example was graduating from college. I could pretend and say it was easy breezy, that getting a degree was a piece of cake but it was not. At least not for me, I struggled to pay attention, I was working during the weekends and did not feel like doing my work. Actually, in my eyes, getting a college degree is one of the most difficult tasks someone can do. It takes a toll on your mental health, if you have other priorities you might put it at the end of your list. Even though there were days where I did not want to go to class, I never gave up. At the end of the day, I knew I needed the degree and the faster I could take that off my to do list, the better I would feel. Same thing goes for when we apply to a job after college and all we get are rejection emails. It took me almost two years to find a job in journalism. My parents insisted I did graduate school instead but I wanted a break from school and wanted actual experience. Then, I got this job. Maybe if I had given up and had not been patient enough, I would not be writing this today. Finding the motive or the force to keep you going is not easy. I often have to look for motivators on a daily basis. Just the other day, I laid in bed thinking whether I should go to hot yoga or not. The clock told me it was time but my body wanted to stay in bed and be lazy. I forced myself to get up, ultimately it did make me feel better to go to hot yoga. Just like I felt proud of myself when I graduated from college. Not giving up is key for achieving our goals, making our dreams come true but no one said it was easy. The hardest part is making yourself take that first step, I would like to believe the rest comes easier. Sometimes getting up can seem like the hardest thing to do but little by little when we try our best not to give up, in the end it is worth it. Pat yourself in the back if you did not give up on your wellness journey this month, if you attempted to wake up earlier and you did it. Don’t give up but celebrate your victories once you are there. More importantly, celebrate the end results by reminding yourself you did not give up.




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