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Times are changing and with COVID-19, adapting is a word that has resonated to me and other people in my opinion.

People have had to adapt to the “new normal” and even though change can be scary and intimidating, it can also be a good thing. Wearing a mask everywhere and switching big events to drive through parties, are just a few examples. People have now learned how to turn a bad situation into a good one, to look for the silver lining. I have always tried to see life that way, with a positive light. 2020 has shown people how to turn things around and I think the way people have reinvented themselves is inspirational. For instance, teachers had to learn how to give classes online and over Zoom. Trainers who were used to giving workouts in person had to find a way of transmitting the same energy through a screen. Having to make these types of changes is not easy, but it can be done. Having a positive attitude in days like these can be tough, but I believe that is what makes someone pull through. Knowing that even though times are hard, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Many people lost their jobs, I know makeup artists who suddenly found themselves without any revenue. Weddings, bridal showers and parties stopped and so did their work. No one was getting their hair done, getting manicures or pedicures. A few Inspires ago, I interviewed three young girls who had started their own salon in Brownsville. Sadly, they had to say goodbye to their business endeavor but that does not mean hopes and dreams are over. I think 2020 has been a time where new opportunities have presented themselves without notice. People who did not know they had a specific skill or talent, have now perfected it. Others have reconnected with family members they thought where going to be in their lives forever. Myself, I have appreciated the time I used to spend at the office of my newspaper and simply say good morning to my coworkers. But now, I get to enjoy my alone time too while doing home office. There are pros and cons to everything, the best thing you can do is lean on the pros of what cannot be changed. No one thought a pandemic was going to last an entire year, but people had to make it through. Business owners had to reinvent themselves and find better ways to provide to their customers. Masks became fashion statements and there are now new ways to accessorize them. I think it is a beautiful thing when people learn how to reinvent themselves and adapt. Not too many people can do that, it’s those who are fighters and resilient who beat all the odds. Change can be scary but once you step into that place out of your comfort zone, you get to learn new tricks. 2020 has taught people that, there is always a way but you have to look for it. Adapting and reinventing, two words I kept thinking of this year. They both made me think of chameleons, who can change colors and adapt their body temperature to their surroundings. 2020 has taught me, we can all reinvent like chameleons.




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