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Millennials: Millennials are the generation that was born between 1980 and 2000, basically young adults in the 21st century.

The Millennial generation is the biggest in US history—even bigger than the Baby Boomers. If you don’t know who the baby boomers are, please go and google it. If you are too lazy to do that, I can tell you that they are your parents.

Why call a blog written by a girl “Millennials & Mimosas”? Well, I am myself a millennial just like the majority of my friends, my co-workers and the guys that I meet on a daily basis. We are a generation that has so much power over the world yet we don’t realize it. Even though we have made some changes and progress, there is still is so much more to work on.

We live in a world that is technology based. Our lives revolve around social media, or should I say social media revolves around our lives. There are people who take photos with the sole purpose of having an aesthetically pleasing Instagram. Then we have people who won’t even know what “aesthetically” means and won’t bother to look it up because who cares?

The majority of us just attempt. We attempt to know about politics, but we just read the titles that we see on our Facebook feed. We attempt to know about the genres of music we say that we like but we end up only listening to what comes on the radio. Then again, there is another kind of millennials that know too much and think they are cooler because they know about underground music and alternative indie films from Japan, who are vegan and eat daily acai bowls, but don’t consider themselves hipsters.

People always ask me how I can write fast and so much about something. The thing is that when you are interested in something, it just happens easily. I thought if I named my blog something that only attracts women, then I would be failing as the kind of woman I strive to be. If I named my blog something related to feminism, men would not click on it because they think feminists hate men which is not the case. Keeping your audience as big and open as possible is what will make your voice heard, or at least that is what I think.  So for the meantime, this is a blog about things that happen to millennials who occasionally sip on mimosas, and I say occasionally because most of us don’t wake up before 3 pm on a Sunday.




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