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Every year, people make New Year’s resolutions and try to accomplish them. Almost everyone by the end feel as if nothing was accomplished, but that’s not true.

Over this past year, I have successfully completed one year working at the Valley Morning Star and have worked on four different editions of Inspire.

Maybe I have not been able to notice it myself, but there has been growth over these last 12 months. My writing got slightly better, the ambition to write harder and more complex stories grew, and I bought my first car and moved out from my parent’s house.

When you look back, the growth is there right in front of you. The small steps we take to work harder or to complete a goal are the base of what is achieved in the end.

I am proud of myself for everything that has been achieved in these 12 months and I am sure people around me have at least one thing to be proud of also.

Change is definitely not an easy thing to endure. It takes courage, discipline and motivation to be able to make a change in your life.

Moving out was one of the biggest wake-up calls I have had at 24. Becoming financially independent is extremely scary but also an eye-opener. It has allowed me to understand the value of money and hard work, it has made me become financially responsible and most importantly, I am now more mature.

This new independence gave me power. Power to say, “I do not owe you anything,” and it is exhilarating to be able to say that. It gave me the liberty of having my own personal space, even though I have to pay for it. But liberty comes with sacrifices and in the end — they are worth it.

In November, my dad prompted me to buy my own car. Before that, all the vehicles I have ever drove were paid by him. I told the salesman I could not afford more than $350 a month. Then, I was told I’d have to pay around $450. I immediately started crying because of stress. I felt anxious. But in the end, it all worked out.

Making such a big purchase while also paying rent among other bills, was scary. But I have been able to pull through.

Not only have I grown in my personal life, but also in my work life.

After months of not trying my best, I decided to put in the effort and try harder at work. This meant taking into consideration the advice from my editors, spending more time researching and attempting to write stories out of my comfort zone.

Unexpectedly, I won an award from Texas APME editors for honorable mention in business reporting. It was something I didn’t see coming, but it felt nice —nice enough to want me to keep going.

The point of all this is not to boast but to encourage others to look back at their growth, and use it as fuel to the fire.

What is one thing you really want? What will help you achieve your dreams and goals? Do one of those things a step at a time and slowly but surely, the growth will shine through.

It takes a lot of dedication and will power to make changes and also a strong support system.

Find the people who are there for you when times are hard, who lend you a hand and help you get up every time you fall. But at the same time, know how to get up on your own.

Once you can see how much you’ve grown, pat yourself on the back and keep going for more.




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