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Being a woman is sometimes stressful. Not sometimes but actually most of the time. We are not taken seriously when we want to, when we are outspoken it is often mistaken as bitchy. There are those who could disagree about the inequality our gender experiences but it is true. We are not seen as equals just yet, and it takes brave women to make that happen.

Some feminists might not like having this day, it is often used as an excuse to create t-shirts that say “empowered women empower women” yet they only care about the money involved in this advertising, and they might be using underpaid woman to make those t-shirts. It’s true, it has become a trend to be a feminist. It is beneficial for stores and brands that it is a trend, that way anything that they slap the word feminist on can be sold.

There is only two ways to look at this movement, in a positive light and a negative one. I happen to choose the positive one. Even though it might be over done and over used these days, it is a great thing that we are talking about inequality. The word is finally out, it is everywhere. People are tired of it, they are annoyed. But this is a good thing, the more you talk about something the more others join the conversation.

There are days where I wish I was not a woman. I often think about that when my dad makes me change from shorts to jeans when we go have dinner, I think about it when a guy asks me about how many sexual partners I have had in the past, and I think about it when people make fun of the literary choices I make. I happen to like girly books, so fucking what?

You can be both a smart woman, and enjoy watching legally blonde, which in my opinion is an iconic feminist film. A movie where the stereotypical blonde realizes she might actually be a pretty good lawyer.

You can be both sexy and also a professional, beauty and brains don’t have to be enemies. Modesty empowers some, and nudity empowers some. Women are empowered by a variety of things and that is what makes it so amazing. We are unique creatures, not a cookie cutter version that is sold to the masses. We think, and we speak and we feel. Some of us more than others.

We cry, we laugh and we also make business deals. You can be a stay home mom and others might prefer not to have children. Humans, whatever gender they are happen to be different in so many ways. There is no specific mold made, you can be anything you want to be. The thing is, women have been told for decades, that they cannot be certain things.

You can’t be a driver, women can’t drive. You can’t be a president, women are too emotional. What kind of decisions will you be making while being in your period? Bullshit. I can do anything you can while on my period and more, just watch me. Women are too powerful when confident, and that is what people are afraid of. Confidence is intimidating and can start a revolution, let them be scared. Know that no matter the day, march 8th or not you can play God is a Woman by Ariana Grande and have them be scared of you. Celebrate your power every day, but today in specific because of those that were confident enough to speak up celebrate it even harder.




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