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It is very common for us to find millions of reasons to be in a bad mood, annoyed or irritated during the day. Me for example, I am currently in a shitty ass mood, but there are always certain things that lighten me up and make me feel better and happier, maybe some of these five easy ways will make you happier too.

  1. Read anything that interests you or that you think might be funny or entertaining. Personally, reading calms me down and makes me forget about whatever was bothering me earlier. Today I bought Health magazine because not only am I supposed to become more “fit” but Khloé Kardashian is on the cover and I am obsessed with her so that made me buy it but it also distracted me from being a Debbie Downer and lifted my spirits.
  2.  Try shopping a little, that always makes me happier. Don’t go crazy and buy shit tons of stuff and then instantly get sad because you are now even more broke but buy a candle or a movie, or maybe a new cool app. Today I bought some new fake eyelashes and glue, and a brush for my eyeshadow. Sometimes getting yourself a lil something something is just enough to make you happy.
  3. Watch a good show on T.V or on Netflix. You can never ever go wrong here, your mood will instantly be lifted, unless you are watching a show that is super depressing like Grey’s Anatomy but if it is making you laugh then continue binge watching and forget about your problems.
  4. Work out and listen to music while working out. This is a good combo because music will make you feel better in a sec, and by working out at the same time you release endorphins. Which we all know they make us happier. Most of us would rather not take this route for being a better mood because we are lazy and we hate getting up from our beds and stop our series binge watch but I have never regretted any workout. You will feel better once you are done, healthier and ready to post a new year new me picture with your fit hashtag. Also, work out with a friend if you can and catch up on life, make it an excuse to see your loved ones and doing it in a healthy way.
  5. Leave your phone aside for a while. Stop replying to texts, stop stalking your ex, stop refreshing all of your social media trying to find something interesting. Live a little and enjoy yourself, have some me time. Sometimes being so self-absorbed in our phones is what puts on in a bad mood in the first place, so avoid it and you’ll see how less stressed you will be.




Number Illustration by @sedicelugrafia




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