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Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday besides Christmas since I can remember.

It is probably because I love the color scheme and the hearts and the chocolate but mainly because it is a day where you have an excuse to remind those you love how much they mean to you and personally I think that’s awesome.

Even though we do not need a made up holiday in order to tell those we love how much they mean to us, it’s always good to have a reminder. For me that is the whole point of Valentine’s Day, not buying extravagant gifts and spending shit tons but simply reminding those important to you how much you appreciate them.

However there are those who think that it is a sad day because they are not in a relationship, let me tell you that I have spent this day without a date for as long as I can remember and I still had a fabulous day.

Here are some ideas to have a good V-Day by yourself and spread some love around.

  1. First, tell the most important person in your life you love them aka you. Some of us forget sometimes that we can give ourselves some loving too. Have a Netflix marathon with you and indulge in your favorite candy or comfort food. Take a long bubble bath and enjoy some wine or gift yourself something really expensive and nice because TREAT YO SELF.
  2. Have a special day with someone you love. It could be your best friend or your mom, not necessarily a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Go to Ihop and have some pancakes and share some time together. We all have people in our lives who make it better, choose this time to remind them how much they mean to you.
  3. Help a friend or whoever with their date plans. Sometimes it brings joy to see other people happy or at least to me it does. Help a friend plan their dinner date with their bf or gf, help them make a senses box or a picnic, help them with whatever there is they need and once they tell you how much of a great time they had you will forget about not having a date.
  4. Go shopping, or just window shop. Stroll the stores and just take a look at people going crazy and doing last minute buys for their significant other, it is very entertaining trust me.
  5. Go to any supermarket and watch guys go insane buying last minute flowers and chocolates, it will look cute and sad at the same time but entertaining nonetheless. While you are at it buy yourself some flowers or buy someone else some. Get your friends some or your mom, they will appreciate it.
  6. Also, go to your closest Pandora and once again look at guys hating themselves while waiting in line for their rings, it’s pretty funny.
  7. Take a day off and go to the beach or take a long walk, with your dog or by yourself and enjoy what the world has to offer.
  8. While you are at it go take a hike, sometimes we tend to forget how rewarding it can be to just go outside and be on your own. V-Day doesn’t have to be about dinners and gifts all the time, enjoying some me time is valid.
  9. Bake for your loved ones. Make slutty brownies, do chocolate covered strawberries for your friends, parents, co-workers. I bet you these people show you affection more than any other guy or girl and deserve some loving too.
  10. Buy a heart shaped pizza and watch Rom-Coms all day. Romantic Comedies are always the way to go, you can’t hate them but if you are the type that just can’t stand them do whatever other marathon you want. Personally, I would do a SATC because CARRIE of course.
  11. Go on a trip, doesn’t have to be an expensive one that requires air miles but you can take a drive to a close town and check it out. Take a friend or just by yourself and get to know other places you had never noticed before.
  12. Go work out, yes work out. I always want to avoid a workout but I have never regretted one, it will more than likely make you feel better and re-energized. What better way to spend v-day?
  13. Have a Galentine’s Day Party!!! I love gals and I love parties and both combined perfect combo. Buy pizza and wine, dress up or dress down and just have fun with your friends. Besides they are the ones who are there for you always, pre-bf during bf and after the breakup with the bf. Don’t ever forget that.
  14. Go watch 50 shades freed, that’s what I’m doing and I am HELLA excited. Doesn’t matter if you read the books or not, if you watched the previous one or not. Date or no date, someone joining you or not Christian Grey and popcorn will always be a good idea.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day to be afraid of, or one that you want to “get over with” there is always something or someone to be thankful for and show love to. Use that excuse, and love yourself and those around you not only today but every single day. <3




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