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I hadn’t written anything in so long because there wasn’t much I was passionate about at the moment enough for me to write about it. I tried to find ideas but sometimes you just need to take some time off. Ideas come to you naturally not by force. Taking time off is like taking the edge off,sometimes people just need to wallow. What is wallowing may you ask well wallowing is when you indulge in the things that bring you pleasure and that is all you do. You forget about the issues you have or any kind of problems that might be running around in your head and you take time away from them by wallowing, meaning you watch an entire series on a weekend while you eat junk food and sleep past 3 in the afternoon.

I had been wallowing myself for the past two weeks and it felt very refreshing to just take some time for myself and do nothing. I love doing absolutely nothing. Just like Carrie says in an episode of SATC “I was enjoying a day of absolutely nothing”. Actually there isn’t anything I love more than doing nothing, but I would not recommend for the wallowing to be an extended period of time because we all have lives we have to get back to. As much as I love wallowing I love getting back on track with my shit. I thought about this word because as I was twenty episodes deep into Gilmore Girls, Rory had just broken up with Dean and her mom insisted she wallowed and stayed in bed and cried and watched movies but she would not do it. Rory forced herself to do all these things to be active and not think about what was going on and by doing this she only made things worse. Like I said, wallowing is always good but for a small period of time. Here is a list of ten ways to do some wallowing.

  1. Don’t do anything. Stay in bed for two days or three if you don’t have to get out of the house. Don’t even shower if you don’t need to. I know it doesn’t sound hygiene appropriate but trust me, you will cherish those two days in bed in your pajamas sleeping or laying, I know I do.
  2. Watch any series you like for as much time you want. My series of choice was Gilmore Girls because I had seen episodes when I was in the 4th grade but never truly kept up with the series so it was the best thing to use to distract myself from my thoughts. I watched and watched till my eyes burned and I fell asleep, just to wake up and continue my beautiful routine.
  3. Eat whatever you want. Seriously, wallowing is me time and me time requires indulging in all those things you like and enjoy and make you feel better like chips and ice cream or chocolate. Food shouldn’t be what comforts us most of the time but sometimes you can turn your head on that thought and just eat to feel better.
  4. Don’t go out, going out means taking a shower and doing your makeup. Who has the energy for that? Definitely not me. Like I said in number one, if you don’t have to leave your house then don’t. If your friends love you enough they will understand.
  5. Cry. Or scream and yell, kick and punch and go insane. Many of us don’t usually let ourselves feel and that is something that should change, I’ve always let my emotions take over me which I am not proud of because I tend to cry in the most random inconvenient places but when you are home alone in your room or shower and feel like crying and do like real, ugly bawling Kim Kardashian face crying then do it.
  6. Watch movies. This applies the same dynamic as watching series only it takes more time to finish since it would be like watching one long ass episode but that is what you need. Distraction that lasts long enough to make you tired and forget about whatever it is that is bothering you.
  7. Take one long ass shower. With hot ass water. Emphasis in the ass because you need it. I usually always take my showers like this, hot and long because it relaxes me but when I am sad I kind of just stand under the water and let it sink in. I don’t shampoo my hair or scrub immediately, I just stand and let the feeling make me feel better drop by drop, eventually I shower properly.
  8. Listen to music, any music. If you feel like listening to sad right in the feels songs then do so. Wallowing is for doing whatever the fuck you feel like doing at the moment, without anyone telling you anything about it. I usually listen to old Taylor Swift and cry and scream in my car as I drive to school or work then once I feel better I listen to songs from Ciara or Beyonce that make me feel like a bad bitch who is ready to stop the wallowing and move on.
  9. Take time for yourself. You don’t have to go out with your friends if you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to smile at people in the hallway and certainly you don’t owe them a smile. You don’t have to pretend like you are in a good mood if you aren’t and if people have something to say about it then mute them LOL. You don’t need that kind of negativity when you are wallowing, you only need the only person who will never have something to say about your doings and that is yourself.
  10. Take as long as you need but not too long. I took a week and a half I think, and then some extra days because I got sick with my wallowing food aka Whataburger. You might need only three days or maybe two weeks but if you go too long then maybe you might have to fight off that depression with the help of someone. Wallowing is that time you take for yourself and just do whatever it is you feel like doing at the moment and feel good but there is going to be a time when you have to snap out of it and keep going with your life. Time heals everything, maybe not a complete heal but it will stop hurting as much as time goes by just like when you fall on your face one night at the club and your knee hurts it will eventually stop hurting and your knee will go back to looking presentable and so will your heart.

So go ahead and take your time and wallow, you have my permission. <3


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