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The beginning of the holidays reminds us a new year is coming up. Usually, a New Year means New Year resolutions and fresh starts but it doesn’t necessarily have to […]

11.05 Love

As someone who claims self love to be their main daily mantra, I sure as hell do not practice what I preach.  I have tried to trick my mind into […]

11.01 Funsies

If we allow fear to control our every step, we allow it to control our lives, and with fear you will never experience what is unknown, because it will always feel scary.

Heartbreak can be painful, it has the word break in it doesn’t it? Yet, it has allowed humans to become stronger. Most of those who have experienced pain, are not […]

06.26 Spanish

Graduarse de la Universidad es un logro que muchos anhelamos conseguir. Por mucho tiempo tu única meta y prioridad era conseguir un título, y los años que te tardaras no […]

03.08 Funsies

Being a woman is sometimes stressful. Not sometimes but actually most of the time. We are not taken seriously when we want to, when we are outspoken it is often […]

I once read that if you smile even if you are feeling sad you might trick your brain into thinking you are happy, and eventually you might feel it. I […]

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